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Freedom Bookkeeping and Accounting Services has a system that can work for everyone, every business, and any industry.

We use state-of-the-art automation that allows us to effectively and efficiently handle your books, and allows us to collaborate with you in a way that you will find fresh and exciting.  You will learn things about your business you will wish you had learned a long time ago.

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Getting To Know You

The first step in a relationship as important as managing your books and finances is to have a good understanding of your business and how you work. Who are your customers? How do you make money? What are your vendor like and who are they? There's a lot that goes into your business, and the more we understand, the more valuable our services will be for you.

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How Do You Work?

We can help you set up your books so that you can do them on your own, or we can do some of the work you don't want to do or have the time to do, or, if you are like most busy business owners, we can have a full-service bookkeeping engagement. 

You choose, and we will work with you and be with you to be sure it works long into the future.

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QuickBooks Online

Freedom Bookkeeping and Accounting utilizes QuickBooks Online as well as QuickBooks Desktop bookkeeping and accounting software.  As a business owner, you will have full access to view your business records and financial statements online any time.

Having access online helps us both to be sure your records are accurate and you can monitor your business at any time.

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We believe that the best way we can help you is through communication.  Most communication will be through email or text.  Occasionally we will call or use a Zoom meeting depending on your preferences.  

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Securely Send & Receive

Freedom Bookkeeping and Accounting has a secure Portal for each Client. We will send documents securely via the Portal and the Client can send documents to us via the Portal.  Distribution both ways is securely encrypted.

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Annual Review

We believe that reviewing your company's performance and what has transpired over time is essential in running your business.  

Depending on your operations and the size of your business, we recommend reviews at least once each year, but quarterly or monthly reviews can also be helpful keeping you on track.



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